Since the earliest days of the Guild, it has been a tradition that each month, members bring their latest pieces to show their work and tell the stories behind their inspirations, creative processes, and the lucky recipients. It is one of the most important and "looked forward to" parts of each guild meeting. Beginners and seasoned quilters alike are encouraged to share their work.

We have been operating differently since mid-2020 because the Pandemic prompted us to begin meeting via Zoom instead of in person. If you have items to share, email images (a full shot, and at least one closeup) to Meredith Sewell at Your quilt(s) will be identified with your name and you will be able to share its story during the Show & Tell section of the meeting. In your email, include any information you would like archived with your images. Consider information such as a title, pattern, size, piecing techniques, quilting technique, quilter if someone other than yourself, and any other fun information.

Submission deadline is the first Monday of the month (i.e., one week before the monthly meeting).

For the Zoom meetings, the photos are being compiled into a PowerPoint presentation for display during the meeting, then the presentations are saved on this page for continued viewing as a way to enrich our knowledge about our members and document their work. We also hope to import images from earlier Show & Tell entries as soon as we can.

June 2021.  Meeting held Monday, June 14, via Zoom.
Download PDF of June's Show & Tell
May 2021.  Meeting held Monday, May 10, via Zoom.
Download PDF of May's Show & Tell
April 2021.  Meeting held Monday, April 12, via Zoom.
Download PDF of April's Show & Tell
March 2021.  Meeting held Monday, March 8, via Zoom.
Download PDF of March's Show & Tell
January 2021.  Meeting held Monday, January 11 via Zoom.
Download PDF of January's Show & Tell
December 2020.  Meeting held Monday, December 13 via Zoom.
Download PDF of December's Show & Tell
November 2020.  Meeting held Monday, November 8 via Zoom.
Download PDF of November's Show & Tell
October 2020.  Meeting held Monday, October 11 via Zoom.
Download PDF of October's Show & Tell