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OCQG Challenges,

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2022 OCQG Challenge

Here are the Guidelines to follow: 


1-  Your finished piece should represent elements of both modern and traditional   quilting in terms of the fabrics, techniques, pattern, or the colors you choose.  We all know what the term traditional represents in quilting, and our presentations over the past couple of years have given us lots of information about what makes a quilt “modern.” Note that Mary Kerr, is a wizard at this concept of combining traditional and modern.  She was to be our April speaker (before she broke her leg) and would have given us all some great examples.  You might want to check out her website.  


2-  The piece must be your own work.


3-  The piece must be quilted, bound, and labeled.


4-  The label must include the following:

      - your name

      - year of completion

      - name of designer* (if not you)

      - name of quilter (if not you)


5-  The size may range from wall-hanging to bed-sized quilt.


6-  You must be a PAID member of OCQG to enter. 


*Designer name is required if you have used a pattern or otherwise copied someone else’s design.


Completed “Modern Quilts with Traditional Roots” Challenge pieces will be brought to the July 2022 OCQG meeting for display and prize selection. 

2020 and 2021 OCQG Challenges

Results of the 2020 Challenge: 


While the Guild normally views and votes on entries in its annual challenges during the July meeting, the

Pandemic meant that we didn't meet in person during most of 2020 and the first half of 2021. Instead of delaying the event any further, the Program Committee decided to have members view and vote on the "Words" quilts during a Zoom meeting on June 14, 2021.

The challenge was to make a quilt featuring WORDS. They could be added with quilting, applique, embroidery, piecing, painting, printing, or other media, or they could be pre-printed on the fabric.


Category One (Small) required no side to be larger than 40". Category Two (Large) required at least one side to be larger than 40".


Fifteen quilters (listed below) entered the "Quilts with Words" challenge.


All of the entries in each category can be viewed in this Quilts with Words Slide Show. For each quilt, there is a full view and one detailed view for each quilt, both provided by the quilter. Those who attended the virtual meeting on June 14 based their votes on these images.

All quilts have a unique number. Use the numbers preceding their names in the list below to identify who created each quilt.

SMALL QUILTS (all sides <40")

101—Carol Ramsey
102—Juli Johnson
103—Linda Prybil
104—Meredith Sewell
105—Pam Ehrhardt 
(challenge winner)
106—Susan Collier
107—Lauren Tiffany

LARGE QUILTS (one or both sides >40")

201—Connie Smith
202—Glenda Skallerud
203—Maree Sarow
204—Vicki Walch
205—Diedre Fleener
206—Twila Meder
207—Jackie Morrical
(challenge winner)
208—Susan Horan

Results of the 2021 Challenge:


Entries for this challenge were viewed and voted on during the in-person July 12. 2021, meeting of the OCQG. It was dubbed the "Quiltgater" (the OCQG equivalent of a "tailgater") because it was held in the Our Redeemer parking lot. In the Challenge guidelines, entrants were encouraged to "use the treasures that your Mom, Grandmother, or Aunt have passed down to you. This can be in the form of embroidered pillowcases, tablecloths, doilies, dresser scarves, hankies, laces and trims, even men's ties. Parts of old quilts or vintage fabrics can also be used."

Fortunately, the rain held off on the evening of July 12, and it was cool and bug-free as 30-some of our members gathered to see the results of our 2021 “Vintage Made New.” Challenge. It was our first ever Quiltgater and our first opportunity to gather together in more than a year which combined to ensure an enjoyable outdoor evening! 




Our seven entries were each coupled with personal and inspiring background stories, shared by their makers as we viewed their creations one by one, draped and hanging from the trunks of cars. 


Two entries were voted as viewers’ favorites: 

     Meredith Sewell’s  “Holman and Sewell Pets”

     Vicki Reynolds’  “Marjorie”

Each will receive a $50 cash prize. 


The Program Committee chose to also award each of the other 5 entrants a $25 prize, due to the overall quality and appeal of every single one of the entries. 

Those receiving a $25 prize are:

Linda Prybil - “Homage to a Handsome Husband”

Maree Sarow - “Keith and Bill’s Ties”

Connie Smith - “Wrapped in Memories”

Juli Johnson - Painted cross stitch

Pam Ehrhardt - "In Love with Japanese Indigo"

All of the "Vintage Made New" entries can be viewed in this Vintage Made New Slide Show