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Forms for the 2022 Public Works Quilt Show

Silent Auction Donations

Download Silent Auction Donation Form

  • Funds raised from the Silent Auction are used for future programs and community outreach.

  • We need your help to make this a success.

  • Donated items will continue to be collected at the May Guild meeting. Please attach a donation form to each item.

  • Suggested items (not limited to): Quilts (lap size or smaller please), especially quilts for children, zippered pouches, bags, totes, potholders, fabric bowls and boxes, table runners, table toppers, pillow, pillow cases, placemats, aprons and pincushions.

  • Donors are asked to include both minimum and lightning bids on the donation form. The lightning bid is like a “Buy Now” bid. If the bidder bids this amount he/she wins the bid immediately, pays and takes the item at that time.

  • When setting the minimum bid, consider your material costs, replacement value, the time it took to make and “what the market will bear.”

  • A helpful formula for setting the lightning bid (buy now bid) is multiplying the minimum bid by between .5 and .6, then add the result to the minimum bid. For example, if the minimum bid is $40, the lightning bid could be between $60-64.

  • Here is a list of various items with range of minimum bids from the 2017 show’s Silent Auction which can be adjusted for inflation. It might be a helpful guide for setting the minimum bid on your item.

Potholders: $6-10

Table runner: $18-25

Pincushion: $8-10

Zippered pouch: $10-18

Placemats: $25-40

Market bag/tote: $18-25

Apron: $18

Quilt: $15-90, depending on size and complexity.

  • Unsold items can be pickup at the end of the show on May 21st or during quilt pickup between 6-7p.m. at the PW building.

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